Format: Website

Campaign: Storybook, African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is Africa's leading wildlife and land conservation organization. AWF wanted to communicate the severity of the escalating poaching crisis and inspire action in a new and fresh way while maintaining branding integrity.

The goal was to create a meaningful campaign that would make a complex and, in many cases, foreign situation compelling and intensely personal. It also needed to convince people to give immediately.

Our solution was to create an interactive site – in the style of a children's book – depicting what would happen to African wildlife if we stood by and did nothing.

The fully responsive microsite employed stunning visuals of iconic animals. With fluid animated transitions complemented by stark and minimalist copy, the story was rendered accessible and too close for comfort. After "reading" the story, the viewer knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what is at stake.

In the end, the campaign succeeded in cultivating new audiences for AWF, boosting membership, and raising a considerable amount for the organization.

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